Albrecht Haase (DF/CIMEC)

Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMEC)

Neuroimaging Labs (LNIF)

Unit leader: Jorge Jovicich
Project members: Daniel Baldauf, Uri Hasson, Carlo Miniussi


Department of Information Engineering and Computer Sciences (DISI)

Unit Leader: Lorenzo Bruzzone
Project member: Nicu Sebe

Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO)

Neural stem cells and adult neurogenesis

Unit Leader: Marco Canossa

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)

Project member: Paolo Avesani, Emanuele Olivetti

Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory

Project member: Angelo Bifone, Alessandro Gozzi, Stefano Panzeri

University of Palermo

Signal processing and Analysis tool

Unit Leader: Luca Faes

Polish Academy of Science

Non-linear electronic circuits

Unit Leader: Ludovico Minati