Department of Physics (DF)

Nanoscience Laboratory Research Activities

Nanoscience Lab has a long-standing reputation in integrated photonics (IP) research. IP is about the generation, guiding and elaboration of light signals at the nanoscale.

The paradigm is to realize complex miniaturized light circuits to exploit the full potential of light-based technologies.

Within BRANDY Nanoscience Lab aims to collaborate with the other research institutes to implement experiments such as: modeling and fabrication of IP to mimic neural networks

Compared to the electronic implementation of artificial neural networks (ANN), a photonic ANN shows important advantages: it enables a truly parallel signal processing, it supports a bandwidth of tens of GHz

Photonics, through optogenetics, allows to read and write neuron activity by exploiting specific light-sensitive molecules. Thus, hybrid interfaces can be realized where the biological NNs interact with optoelectronic elements to either support their operation of the inorganic devices or being supported by them in case of impaired functionalities.


Nanoscience Laboratory Research Activities