Partners will develop a program of teaching activities that will form the basis for training students with different backgrounds for future research on brain network dynamics.

These activities will be structured into actions to be taken at the different levels of the University’s educational program, namely the

MSc programs, e.g.

CIMEC MSc in Cognitive Science

PhD programs, e.g.

CIMEC PhD in Cognitive Brain Sciences

and the Summer School of Interdisciplinary Research on Brain Network Dynamics

This program will be implemented step-by-step.

A first effort will organize common lectures to be embedded into the partner’s MSc programs regarding the following Topics. 


Experimental Methods Informatics & coding Theory & analysis
MRI Deep Learning Information theory
MEG Affective computing Statistics
Optical Imaging MATLAB for image Processing Graph Theory
Photonics   Inferences from networks

Brain Connectivity

Advanced Electronics Lab   Neuronal platicity
Nonlinear Electronics Networks   Physiology