Nanostructured materials for photocatalytic wastewater remediation

Principal investigators: Antonio Miotello, Michele Orlandi


Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) are innovative water treatment technologies, based on the in-situ generation of highly reactive transitory species (i.e. H2O2, OH-, O2-, O3). Among the AOPs, heterogeneous photocatalysis employing semiconductor catalysts has demonstrated its efficiency in degrading a wide number of ambiguous refractory organics into readily biodegradable compounds. At the IdEA lab we focus on materials based on cheap and scalable elements (Fe, Ti, Co) and capable of sunlight absorption, maximizing their performance by 3D hierarchical micro/nanostructuring. The use of visible-light driven photocatalysis provides a sustainable and cost-effective route to wastewater remediation by exploiting sunlight, a clean and renewable resource.


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Laboratorio IdEA @UNITN: Idrogeno Energia e Ambiente – Gestione Risorse e Apparati di Laboratorio

Nanostructuerd materials 1

Nanostructured materials 2