We are a multidisciplinary team publishing in a wide range of fields around renewable energy and solar fuels. Our recent papers are listed below.

Realization of a solar hydrothermal carbonization reactor: A zero-energy technology for waste biomass valorization G. Ischia, M. Orlandi, M.A. Fendrich, M. Bettonte, F. Merzari, A. Miotello, L. Fiori, Journal of Environmenal Management (2020)

Understanding the influence of biomass particle size and reaction medium on the formation pathways of hydrochar , D. Wüst, C. Rodriguez Correa, D. Jung, M. Zimmermann, A. Kruse, L. Fiori, Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery (in press)

Biochemical methane potential tests to evaluate anaerobic digestion enhancement by thermal hydrolysis pretreatment, R. Ferrentino, F. Merzari, L. Fiori, G. Andreottola, BioEnergy Research (2019)

Rational Design Combining Morphology and Charge-Dynamic for Hematite/Nickel-Iron Oxide Thin-Layer Photoanodes: Insights into the Role of the Absorber/Catalyst Junction, M. Orlandi, S. Berardi, A. Mazzi, S. Caramori, R. Boaretto, F. Nart, C.A. Bignozzi, N. Bazzanella, N. Patel, A. Miotello, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2019)

Pulsed laser deposition of nickel oxide films with improved optical properties to functionalize solar light absorbing photoanodes and very low overpotential for water oxidation catalysis, A. Mazzi, M. Orlandi, N. Bazzanella, Y.J. Popat, L. Minati, G. Speranza, A. Miotello, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing (2019)

Non-thermal plasma in waste composting facilities: From a laboratory-scale experiment to a scaled-up economic model L.M. Martini, G. Coller, M. Schiavon, A. Cernuto, M. Ragazzi, G. Dilecce, P. Tosi, Journal of Cleaner Production (2019)

Nanosecond Pulsed Discharge for CO2 Conversion: Kinetic Modelling to Elucidate the Chemistry and Improve the Performance L.M. Martini, G. Dilecce, P. Tosi, A. Bogaerts, The Journal of Physical Chemistry (2019)

Solar Concentration for Wastewaters Remediation: A Review of Materials and Technologies M.A. Fendrich, A. Quaranta, M. Orlandi, M. Bettonte, A. Miotello, Applied Sciences (2019)

Treatment of surfactant-rich industrial wastewaters with concentrated sunlight: toward solar wastewater remediation M. Orlandi, N. Filosa, M. Bettonte, M. Fendrich, M. Girardini, T. Battistini, A. Miotello, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (2019)

Progress on laser induced fluorescence in a collisional environment: the case of OH molecule in ns pulsed discharges G. Dilecce, L. M. Martini, M. Ceppelli, M. Scotoni, P. Tosi, Plasma Sources Science and Technology (2019)

Methane production from process water of sewage sludge hydrothermal carbonization. A review. Valorising sludge through hydrothermal carbonization, F. Merzari, M. Langone, G. Andreottola, L. Fiori, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology (2019)

Hydrothermal carbonization kinetics of lignocellulosic agro-wastes: experimental data and modeling, M. Lucian, M. Volpe, L. Fiori, Energies 12 (2019)

Does hydrothermal carbonization as a biomass pretreatment reduce fuel segregation of coal-biomass blends during oxidation? L. Gao, M. Volpe, M. Lucian, L. Fiori, J.L. Goldfarb,  Energy Conversion and Management 181 (2019) 

Functionalized p-silicon photocathodes for solar fuels applications: Insights from electrochemical impedance spectroscopy A. Sartori, M. Orlandi, S. Berardi, A. Mazzi, N. Bazzanella, S. Caramori, R. Boaretto, M. Natali, R. Fernandes, N. Patel, C.A. Bignozzi, A. Miotello, Electrochimica Acta (2018)

Time-resolved CO2dissociation in a nanosecond pulsed discharge L.M. Martini, S. Lovascio, G. Dilecce, P. Tosi, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing (2018)

One stage olive mill waste streams valorisation via hydrothermal carbonization, M. Volpe, D. Wüst, F. Merzari, M. Lucian, G. Andreottola, A. Kruse, L. Fiori,  Waste Management 80 (2018)